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  • Explorer LED Headlamp

    Explorer LED Headlamp

    Adjustable headlamp torch with seven bri

  • Plasters


    10 quality plasters packed into a handy

  • Emergency car kit

    Emergency car kit

    Packed in a round zipped carry bag with

  • Dyno pocket torch

    Dyno pocket torch

    Wind up dyno torch with silver ABS body

  • Gripper Multi Tool with Flashlight

    Gripper Multi Tool with Flashlight

    In addition to the 8 Function multi-tool

  • Tm001 Compact Tape Measure

    Tm001 Compact Tape Measure


  • Flash Flashlight Keytag

    Flash Flashlight Keytag

  • Lb001 3-Section Lunch Box

    Lb001 3-Section Lunch Box

    Corporate Gifts

  • Deluxe emergency car kit

    Deluxe emergency car kit

    This emergency car kit comes in a zipped

  • Bm001 Toyo I-Dried Bath Mat

    Bm001 Toyo I-Dried Bath Mat

    Corporate Gifts

  • Usb Drive Case

    Usb Drive Case


  • Pr001  Plastic Ruler 30Cm

    Pr001 Plastic Ruler 30Cm


  • Pr002  Pvc Soft Plastic Ruler

    Pr002 Pvc Soft Plastic Ruler


  • Tch001  360 Degree Torch

    Tch001 360 Degree Torch

    Corporate Gifts

  • Everest pocket knife

    Everest pocket knife

    9 function stainless steel multi tool wi

  • Nero pocket knife

    Nero pocket knife

    12 function stainless steel multi tool,

  • Warning sign utility bag

    Warning sign utility bag

    Triangular shaped car utility bag with r

  • 2M tape measure

    2M tape measure

    Handy 2 metre retractable tape measure w

  • 10M construction tape measure

    10M construction tape measure

    Heavy duty retractable 10 metre tape mea

  • Dyno LED flashlight

    Dyno LED flashlight

    No batteries needed for this wind up dyn

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